Japanese Department

Japanese Department

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The Japanese Department of the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Chongqing University, was established in 1998 and began to recruit undergraduates in 1999 and graduate students in Applied Linguistics in 2003. In 2006 MA program of Japanese Language and Literature was established. In 2018 BA program in Japanese-English Bilingual Direction was launched.


The Japanese Department (Japanese-English Bilingual Direction), under the Discipline of Foreign Language and Literature, has a strong academic platform. The BA program has been listed as four-star (2014-2015) and five-star (2018-2019) in theChinese Universities and Disciplines Evaluation Report,and is now ranked as First-Class Undergraduate Programs Scheme in Chongqing.

The Department is staffed by the professionals with rich teaching experience, and diverse research interests. Among them, 70% have doctoral degrees, more than half have obtained doctorate degrees from famous universities in Japan, and all have long-term studies and research experiences abroad. Research interests include Japanese Linguistics, Japanese Literature, Aesthetics, History of Human Thought, Sino-Japanese Cultural Relations, Japanese Language Pedagogy, and Japanese Politics & Economy. The Department has established academic exchange and cooperation with well-known universities in Japan, inculding Tohoku University, Waseda University, and Hiroshima University, to provide students with international exchange opportunities.


The Department implements a small-scale enrollment, adheres to both instrumental and humanistic aspects, and actively explores a new cultivation student-centred model. And it preliminarily formed a cultivation system featuring "quality, humanistic education, and multilingual training", with moral cultivation as the foundation and the comprehensive development of knowledge, ability and literacy as the core to cultivate innovative Japanese-English bilingual talents with both Eastern and Western cultural perspectives.

In terms of curriculum setting, the first and second grades cultivate students' solid Japanese language skills through basic Japanese skills courses, while the third and fourth grades offer Japanese language, literature, culture and other advanced courses. Furthermore, customized English courses are offered throughout the four years, to improve English proficiency through listening, speaking, reading and writing courses, and to understand the history and culture of European and American countries through the courses in western history and society, comparison of Chinese and western cultures, and British & American literature and film.

The Department holds a wealth of second classroom activities, including short play, dubbing, Japanese cultural performances, and Japanese corners. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions and to carry out scientific research training programs in an attempt to raise innovative consciousness and polish practical abilities.